Eldhestar gjestehus
Eldhestar gjestehus
Eldhestar gjestehus

Eldhestar gjestehus

Foruten Hotel Eldhestar finnes det også et mindre og svært koselig gjestehus, rett ved siden av hotellet. I gjestehuset er det soverom med to, tre og fire senger. Hvis man velger å bo i gjestehus, deler man altså rom med andre gjester.

The guesthouse has a kitchen, a cosy living room and a shared bathroom. Holidaymakers who choose to stay at the guesthouse are still allowed to make use of all the facilities and services offered by the hotel, including the restaurant and the hot tub.

Transfer at arrival
Transfer at arrival to the BSI (Reykjavik bus terminal). You can find Reykjavik Excursions fly bus in the arrival hall. You exchange your voucher for a bus ticket. The fly bus operates in connection with all arriving flights. You will be picked up by Eldhestar staff at BSI main bus station in Reykjavík at 17:30. On the first evening, we have a welcome dinner. The riding tours start the following day.

Transfer at departure
Departure transfer: Important! The day before your flight back home you must book a time for your fly bus pick-up directly with Reykjavik excursions. Call directly at +354 580 5400 and state "Vulkan client confirming time for pick-up". We recommend that you arrive at the airport 2,5 - 3 hours before departure. Please see Reykjavik excursions schedule that will match your flight: https://www.re.is/tour/flybus/

Packing list multi-day tours Eldhestar
• Warm clothes in layers (long underwear, woollen socks, scarf, gloves, woollen sweater or fleece, wind- and waterproof jacket). Eldhestar provides good rain gear.
• Thin hat to wear under the helmet, “buff” is well suited. You can buy a “buff” at Eldhestar.
• Sleeping bag. We recommend a small pillow and a bed sheet if you use your sleeping bag as a blanket. A sleeping bag is not needed for tours with all nights at Hotel or Guesthouse Eldhestar.
• A small waist bag (not a backpack!) for using when riding. (Backpacks are bumpy when you are riding and may hurt you if you fall off).
• Swimwear and towel.
• Riding pants (If you don’t have riding pants, any seamless tight garment will do), for long tours you should bring two pants suitable for riding.
• Riding or hiking boots which should be comfortable with a thick sole for walking over rocks. Hiking boots are fine if they are not too broad for the stirrups. High riding boots might get uncomfortable, rubber boots are not necessary.
• Sun lotion
• Sunglasses (also for long tours to protect eyes from dust).
• Flynet (can be purchased at Eldhestar).
• Band-aids and second skin plasters for chaffing.
• Some comfortable clothes and shoes (slippers) for using in the evening, after the riding. Normal street clothes are not necessary except for your stay in Iceland after the tour.
• Your travel insurance card/information.
• Please do not use large and bulky suitcases as we have limited space in the trailer. If you need more luggage for travelling in Iceland before / after the tour you are welcome to store it at Hotel Eldhestar during the tour.
• You might experience temperatures close to 0°C as well as”T-shirt weather

Please note
Used boots, riding wear, helmets, saddlebags etc. must be disinfected before arrival in Iceland. Chaps, bridles and other used leather gear must not be brought to Iceland. That is because infectious, contagious diseases can easily be brought into the country, which poses a great threat for the horses as they are not vaccinated. Riding wear is normally washed and shoes and are washed and cleaned with VirkonS, Iodine or some other fluid disinfectant. For further information please click here. The riding style in Iceland is like English riding. We use simple snaffle bits, bridles with detachable nose-bands and clips on the end of the reins so they can be easily removed when grazing. Our saddles are comfortable with soft, rather flat seat, it is not necessary to bring saddle seat pads.

Used riding gloves and all used leather articles (e.g. chaps) are prohibited.

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